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The Making of an Engineer

We all know that the Tufts first-year engineering experience is unique, but what makes it so?

As you can see, from day one Tufts engineering students are starting their academic careers with courses that bridge principles and practice, rigor and creativity, inspiring them to use newly acquired knowhow to develop novel ideas.

In an introductory robotics class, students don’t just learn how to build robots—a feat within itself; they work together to make fun, interactive gadgets for young children (think cookie decorating machines and remote control dinosaurs) that make basic engineering principles accessible to anyone. Courses like these prepare students to be innovative, practical problem solvers while equipping them with a complete engineering education.

With its hands-on approach to the first-year curriculum, the School of Engineering has become a haven for rigor and creativity alike.

To learn more about the first-year engineering experience, including how you can support it, contact Cindy LuBien, senior director of development for the School of Engineering, at 617.627.4512 or