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Tufts is full of remarkable students.

Put simply, they would not be at Tufts, were it not for financial aid.

Scholarships made it possible for all eight of the students spotlighted in the callout box to the right of this message—and others like them—to bring their stories to Tufts. From here they will bring their unique talents to the world. While there are no “typical” financial aid students at Tufts, all share this in common: they contribute at least as much to the university as they receive.

However, as you know, the rising cost of higher education has routinely outpaced the Consumer Price Index and today is an issue of national concern. Higher education has long opened doors for individual opportunity, and in our knowledge-based economy it is more important than ever, playing a critical role in the job market and national competitiveness. I share the concern that in the face of tuition increases, applicants and their families may find higher education out of reach. For many, indebtedness from student loans will be too significant a factor in deciding career choices. Unfortunately, we are not exempt here. Each year we must withhold the promise of a Tufts education from superb applicants—candidates like the students in the pages that follow—solely for lack of sufficient financial aid resources.

Though the challenge is national, some solutions may be local, and we are entirely committed to doing all that we can at Tufts to ease the financial burden on current and future students. We are taking a fresh look at our cost structures—so that we can ensure that as much as possible of the university budget directly supports our teaching and research, and keep tuition increases down while continuing to deliver the transformative educational experiences for which we are known.

Student financial aid remains our number-one fundraising priority. It is a cause that is important to me personally: I was able to become a first-generation college graduate because of generous financial aid. Scholarships dollars are critical to closing the college affordability gap. Students arrive at Tufts each year from all corners of the globe and from all backgrounds, bringing rich and diverse perspectives that will enrich our educational community. Financial aid opens the door.

We welcome your support—both for the students represented here and for other students we will know in the future, as a direct result of your continuing generosity. On behalf of all of us, thank you for all you do for Tufts.

Best wishes,

Tony Monaco