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Johanna Yvonne Andrews, N13

Recipient: Gerald J. Friedman Fellowship

Raised in Honduras by two professors of agriculture, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables at the kitchen table, Johanna Yvonne Andrews, N13, from an early age not only understood the benefits of healthy living, but formed a passion for policy.

At the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Andrews’s international roots and continent-hopping (she gained a bachelor’s degree in Texas and a master’s degree in Sweden, as well as research experience in Central America) regularly come into play. “Johanna’s experience and knowledge of Latin America are proving invaluable to our research project on program sustainability in Bolivia,” says Dr. Beatrice Lorge Rogers, professor of economics and food policy, and director of the Food Policy and Applied Nutrition Program. “She was able to become an active, contributing member of the study team from her first day.”

But her heart is still in Honduras. “One of my main interests is health policy in Central America, because I’m from the area,” she says of her doctoral studies as a Gerald J. Friedman Fellow. The fellowship was created by the Gerald and Dorothy Friedman Foundation to support future change agents like Andrews. “You hear a lot about Mexico and Colombia producing violence and drug lords, but if you look at a map of who’s in between and who suffers the most it’s actually Central America. I think we’re going to see many more issues that have to do with nutrition and access to health care there.”