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StrongWomen: Friedman's Miriam Nelson heads initiative inspiring women to lead healthier lives

Ask a woman what she thinks her major health risk is, and she's likely to say breast cancer, but in reality, breast cancer affects about one in eight women, and cardiovascular disease hits one in two. In the United States, a woman dies of cardiovascular disease every minute. More American women than men die annually of cardiovascular disease.

Working to change these startling statistics, Miriam Nelson, Ph.D., founded and is director of the StrongWomen Program, a grassroots effort at Tufts University's John Hancock Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition. StrongWomen helps communities nationwide create safe and effective exercise and nutrition programs for midlife and older women.

Dr. Nelson has spent decades conducting research on strength-training among midlife and older women, and has documented how it can boost overall well-being, maintain healthy body weight, and reduce the symptoms of many age-related illnesses, such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression.

The StrongWomen program is funded by small grants and individual donations that support more than 1,200 leaders and thousands of dedicated participants across 40 states and Canada. But much more could be done.

Your participation can help bring this program to the women who need it most and continue groundbreaking scientific research on healthy aging.

You can make your gift today by
phone at 617.636.2949
online at (under Gift Designation 3, write in StrongWomen)
mail to:
StrongWomen Give Back
Tufts University
150 Harrison Ave., Room 241
Boston, MA 02111
check payable to: Trustees of Tufts College

For more information, please contact:
Sean Devendorf
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
Friedman School
150 Harrison Ave., Suite 241
Boston, MA 02111
tel: 617.636.2949