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Set your name to music

Call it a harmonic convergence. The Beelzebubs Alumni Association joined current members of the a cappella group in making a $200,000 gift to name the main ticket booth at the Granoff Music Center, where from now on, seats will be sold from the Beelzebubs Box Office.

You, too, can support the performing arts at Tufts by naming a space at the new music center. A number of opportunities to do so remain, and they are noted in the list below. For information, please contact:
Brigette Bryant
Senior Director, Development
School of Arts & Sciences
80 George St. Medford, MA 02155
tel: 617-627-6797     fax: 617-627-3790

Naming Opportunities

Ellis Entrance: ($1 million) Facing the Ellis Oval, this entrance features an open stairway leading to a spacious lobby area. Its easy access on the lower level makes this space ideal for small receptions.
Academic Suite: ($1 million) Accessed through the main lobby, this area houses the individual offices of the department chair and key personnel, and serves as entryway to the large classroom, a faculty lounge and various other faculty offices.
Music Learning Center: ($1 million) A majority of classes taught in the music building will take place in the Music Learning Center, which consists of two classrooms and the music multimedia room. Both classrooms also serve as practice rooms for larger groups, and the multimedia room will be fitted with an electronic keyboard and computer stations for music theory classes and composing scores.
Main Staircase: ($500,000) The staircase leading to the second floor is prominently located in the main lobby and is visible immediately upon entering this dramatic space, which doubles as a reception area.
World Music Room: ($500,000) The World Music Room houses the University's gamelan, a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically including many tuned percussion instruments such as bamboo xylophones and wooden or bronze chimes and gongs. The room will host all classes pertaining to the music and dance of West Africa as well as performances with the gamelan.
Medium Classroom: ($500,000) The medium classroom, like the large classroom, is carefully designed to accommodate an array of musical exercises.
Music Library Collections Room: ($500,000) The Music Library's extensive collection of books and musical scores will be located in the Collections Room. Books on musical topics (from Beethoven to the Beatles) will be immediately available to music library patrons, and ample shelf space will be provided for the ongoing development of the collection. Shelving for musical scores will be easy to browse and suited to the needs of performing musicians.
Green Room: ($250,000) Designed to create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, the Green Room provides a relaxing environment for the performer preparing for the stage.
Multimedia Room: ($250,000) The Multimedia Room is to be fully equipped for study and songwriting, with software for traditional composition of chamber, piano and choral music. Students will be able to collect and create music audio files and download MIDI files of orchestral scores for analysis.
Small Classroom: ($250,000) Designed for seminar-type courses and instruction for smaller groups, the small classroom has the same comfort and acoustics as the larger classroom.
Instructors Suite: ($250,000) These offices house prominent visiting faculty who are invited to teach at Tufts for a specified period.
Music Library Sound Collections: ($250,000) The media storage area will be easy to use, and will accommodate existing formats such as CDs and cassette tapes while remaining adaptable for future technologies.
Early Music/Chamber Rehearsal Room: ($200,000) The room's size comfortably accommodates musicians and their instruments, in an atmosphere conducive to long hours of musical rehearsal.
A Cappella Rehearsal Room: ($150,000) This room permits excellent sound isolation and acoustic treatment for voice rehearsals. Students will have the ability to engage in pure voice arrangements.
Teaching Studio: ($125,000/each) Four teaching studios located in the Applied Music Wing enable students and faculty to develop their skills in an appropriate environment. Each studio will accommodate a grand piano and have excellent lighting, ventilation, and acoustics.
Faculty Lounge: ($100,000) A place to socialize for faculty and their guests, the lounge will be a center of exchange and innovation as faculty engage each other regarding their craft.
Individual Faculty Offices: ($50,000) These offices will be used by professors to conduct their own scholarship and to meet regularly with students, and will include computers, printers and relevant equipment.
Large Instruments Locker Room: ($50,000) This spacious room will safely house instruments that remain in the building for use during instruction and rehearsal, ensuring their usefulness by supporting their proper care.
Music Librarian's Office: ($50,000) This office used by the head of the Music Library serves as a resource for administrators as well as for visitors.
Music Library Assistant/Workroom: ($50,000) The librarian's assistant supports the librarian, and the workroom will be used in the day-to-day administration of the library and its events.
Listening Workstations: ($15,000) Each workstation in the Listening Center will accommodate four students, and enable users to work individually or with one, two or three others through a flexible arrangement of audio equipment, computers, and desk space.
Reference Desks: ($5,000) Three counters with two computers apiece will enable patrons entering the library to access information on all materials in the Music Library's collection.
Reading Tables: ($10,000) Benefiting from the natural light streaming from the Listening Center windows, these tables in the center of the library will present a welcoming area for reading.