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Bringing Engineering Alive for Schoolchildren

Tufts wants children, particularly girls, to get excited about engineering.

The Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program, or STOMP, puts Tufts School of Engineering students half of them women into K-12 classrooms to help teachers design hands-on activities that teach engineering concepts and hone skills in math and science.

Started in 2002, STOMP reinforces Tufts' ongoing commitment to making engineering and technology comprehensible and fun for children.

The program has caught on in local communities. For example, the Malden YMCA, with help from STOMP, stages an annual Lego Robotics Competition.

The 2005 competition, won by a team of youngsters from a Medford housing project, challenged competitors to design Lego robots to help handicapped people perform daily tasks such as climbing stairs or opening doors.

Now, two anonymous benefactors have issued a challenge: If $200,000 in pledges is raised toward the program, they'll match that total. The aim is to fund STOMP for the next 15 years.

Your gift, thereby doubled in impact, will help:

  • Enable engineers and teachers to pool their talents to devise hands-on projects that teach concepts ranging from gear ratios to digital logic
  • Develop curriculum materials to engage grade-school students in engineering
  • Give children, particularly girls, hands-on engineering experience as well as engineering role models and mentors
  • Encourage engineering students to make a lifelong commitment to the young